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About Us

Drastic Plastic Records emerged out of Drastic Plastic, a punk and alternative record store in Omaha, Nebraska that opened in 1982. While Drastic's presence over 32 years has been multi-faceted, she has always stood for one thing: a passion for music that matters socially, culturally, and personally. Whether producing toys at Drastic Plastic Collectibles, apparel at Drastic Plastic Clothing, or records, we pride ourselves on impeccable quality, authenticity, and presenting our products with the historical significance that informs them and rings true to die hard fans.

Every one of Drastic Plastic's records are manufactured up to the highest standards. As fans, we expect vinyl reissues to have pristine sound, and to be faithful and historically informed in their presentation. To this end, we have significantly evolved in all of these areas in the past five years. Since 2013 and with the release of Au Pairs - Playing with a Different Sex (DPRLP32), all Drastic records - with the exception of our "standard issue" - have several things in common:

All material is printed at Stoughton Printing Co., the premier vinyl jacket printing house in the US. Jackets are direct-to-board durable 24pt. card stock that are foil-numbered to indicate the limited number of records pressed. Heavyweight black pressings are numbered in silver; colored vinyl pressings are numbered in gold.

Pressings are split in limited quantities between pristine 200-gram black and 150-gram colored vinyl. Both offerings hit the mark for perfect analog sound and zero ambient noise (some noise being common with typical vinyl pressings). Immaculate sound and aesthetic presentation result in a different kind of collectible desirability in both historical formats.

DPR records come in an anti-static rice paper sleeves; printed inner sleeves are also included if the record originally came with one. As an added value, records are sealed in loose fitting polybags for maximum protection and for safe storage in permanent collections.

For the best in analog sound, all records have been mastered for vinyl from the original masters (when available) by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio or by Masterdisk. When the original masters are not accessible, Kevin is a genius at using available materials to capture a sincere vinyl sound enhanced for clarity and separation. Though sometimes a decibel or two needs to be sacrificed to capture that clarity at its most significant, one should still feel free to turn up the volume to hear all the pristine clarity and precision at blistering levels. Kevin's results are nothing short of stunning.

Dana Wickwire
[email protected]